10 Best Android Art Apps To Explore The Creative Side


While making the list of top art apps two things factor in; apps that work smoothly on low-end phones/tabs(for beginners) and apps that have tons of customization to work on high-end phones and tablets. Let’s dive into the world of Android arts and find out the top 10 art apps available on Google play.

Top 10 art apps: Sketchbook, ibis Paint X, PaperColor, Infinite Painter, MediBang Paint, Tayasui Sketches, ArtFlow, Doodle Master, – Glow Art, Concepts, and Stickman. 

What are the best free art apps?

Some apps in this list are free but have premium versions as well and others generate revenue through ads. All in all these apps are great to start drawing on Android phones in a fun way. The basic functionality of all the apps is free of cost.

10. PaperColor

  • PaperColor comes with the potential to knock the top art apps off with its simple UI.
  • There are plenty of brush options to choose from.
  • One disadvantage is that most of the customization options like text input, various brush types, and layer modifications are locked for paid users only.
  • Again, the stylus is required for the best results. Although the app works fine on low-end Android phones as well.

9 . Infinite Painter

  • Like ibis Paint X, Infinite Painter also has community-based art sharing options within the app. Artists can showcase their artwork in the community and can get featured in the popular category.
  • But unlike Sketchbook, most of the features like symmetry, perspective, different layers, patterns, and gradients are on a paid basis. This app is great for beginners who want to explore creativity and share their art.
  • This app allows the users to record their work through custom time-lapse.
  • Users can customize the canvas size according to their project and save it in a variety of image file formats(PNG, JPEG, WEBP, etc.) 

8. MediBang Paint

  • There are ads in this one but only at the start on the home screen.
  • Like any other arts and design app, MediBand Paint allows users to create new work or import an existing one.
  • Community-based sharing of artwork is possible with many in-app contests to make drawing and designing more engaging.
  • The export option is limited to PNG and JPEG formats only.
  • Everyone’s Art page showcases the artwork in the form of posts.
  • The Timelapse recording option helps artists record their work and share it through Twitter or Youtube.

7. Tayasui Sketches

  • Many customization options for brushes, some are free and others are paid.
  • Layer customization and realistic tools for the pro artists.
  • An asymmetrical tool is a free and fun way to draw. The screen gets split into two halves, anything drawn on one side gets replicated on the other side in real-time.
  • Works well on low-end phones with or without a stylus.

6. ArtFlow: Paint Draw Sketchbook

  • Out of hundreds of brush options, most are locked for in-app purchases.
  • The UI is fast and minimalistic that works well on low-configuration phones.
  • Image import and editing are possible from the phone gallery.
  • Eve’s undo button gets locked after a few clicks.
  • This tool is worth buying for low-end phone users.

5. Doodle Master – Glow Art

  • More of a fun doodle game than a drawing app. 
  • Plenty of options with in-app purchases to customize the artwork. Premium users get to choose from additional brush types and custom colors. Although color customization is available for free users via video ads.
  • Fluorescent coloring schemes for every color inside the game.
  • Plenty of symmetrical drawing options with many degrees of variations.
  • In-app ads don’t affect the speed of the app even on low-end phones.
  • Every design or doodle created is explained with a horoscope.
  • UI is simple and user-friendly.
  • Doodles are saved in the form of videos or images with watermarks. A premium subscription is required to remove the ads from the app, and watermarks from the files.

4. Stickman: draw animation maker

  • Like Doodle master, Stickman is a fun way to create animation even without any prior experience. 
  • The Premium version is ad-free but the features are the same as in the free version.
  • Hand-drawn animation gets saved in the form of GIF files with the option to alter the frame rate.

3. Concepts: Sketch, Note, Draw

  • Concepts is a high-end arts and design app that is available on almost all platforms.
  • Although the free version works well on low-end phones with limited processing power, this app is for the pros.
  • Premium features are available through one-time purchases and month/yearly subscriptions.

2. Sketchbook

  • Sketchbook comes with tons of tools to make any work of art endeavor perfect. 
  • Users get the option to start fresh on the canvas or choose from the phone gallery. 
  • There are more than a hundred brush types with modifications to make the artwork as real as possible. 
  • Their help page contains a troubleshooting guide for various errors and problems.
  • One biggest disadvantage is that it requires high-end phones or tablets with a stylus to get maximum output.
  • A great tool to start learning to draw is just a basic Android phone.

1. ibis Paint X

  • One of the most downloaded art apps in the world.
  • This app goes one step further than Sketchbook by empowering the artists to showcase their artwork and process it through various social media apps.
  • Within the app, there are plenty of options to make the art pieces as popular as possible.
  • ibis Paint X also touches on the social sharing aspect of the artists by letting people follow other artists within this environment.
  • Best for people already at a medium level of drawing and who are interested in the world of drawing and arts. 
  • Again for best results high-end phones or tablets with Stylus are needed.
  • Screen capture option to showcase the art process.

What is the best Android app for artists?

Considering the factors like UI, intuitiveness, and the needs of beginners, ibis Paint X stands out due to its social sharing platform. This app has all the ingredients to attract pro artists who want to not only create something spectacular but also share it in the community.


Most of the art apps in this list are free with some in-app purchases for custom tools. One major requirement for all these apps is a stylus, users can do without the stylus but the true potential of these apps can be raised with a stylus. While most of the apps focus on UI and intuitive behavior, none of them have tutorials for improving the drawing skills of a beginner artist. But the biggest win by most art and design apps in this list is the community-based sharing of artwork.

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