10 Best Paid Apps On Play Store Everyone Should Try


The Google Play store has apps for everything, including productivity, customization, automation, or augmented reality. Most of the apps are free, while others are paid. The percentage of these apps is lesser than the free ones. But the best apps solve user problems that a free app cannot do. So, what are the 10 best-paid apps that are worth looking at?

10 best-paid apps according to Google; Tasker, Unified Remote Full, Weather Radar Pro, Storm Tracker, Navigation Pro, SkyView®, PSPlay, LineX Icon Pack, PeakFinder, Magic Fluids, and Nova Launcher Prime. Each app is downloadable from the Play Store. 

List of 10 Premium Apps With their Free Alternatives

Premium AppsCategoryFree Alternative
Unified Remote FullToolsTeamViewer Remote Control
Weather Radar ProWeatherRadSat HD Pro
Navigation Pro: Google Maps Navi on Samsung WatchSmartwatch navigationNavigation Wear
SkyView® Explore the UniverseAstronomy, EducationStarlight – Explore the Stars
PSPlay: PS5 & PS4 Remote PlayGaming, ToolsPS Remote Play
LineX Icon PackPersonalizationLines – Icon Pack
Magic FluidsFluid SimulationFluids & Sounds: Relaxing LWP
Nova Launcher PrimeCustomizationHyperion Launcher
Top 10 Premium Apps with category and free alternatives 

1.Tasker – $3.49

With more than 1 million downloads and 50,000 reviews, Tasker is famous for its automation and task handling among Android users. Tasker helps Android phone users in the customization of the entire phone. With Tasker, users can create custom flow processes and triggers for various apps. 

According to their Google Play page, they help with general tasks that are repetitive in nature and time-dependent. For example, creating a profile to control notifications instead of manually changing the volume every day.

According to most of the reviews, users find Tasker beneficial in organizing their work. Seen as a productivity tool also, Tasker reminds us of the offline version of IFTTT. But, it can do a lot more work than IFTTT.

Free Alternative: Automate

2. Unified Remote Full – $4.99

Unified Remote app is the second app in our Top 10 paid apps list. Do you ever wonder if your smartphone can be a remote for your pc or laptop? This thought might arise as you can control your smart TV with your phone via remote apps or branded apps from TV manufacturers. 

This app can control your laptop or PC with your mobile device. This is handy when you are not working on your PC but require it to play media where minimum input is required. The Unified Remote app solves the problem of going to the PC repeatedly to change the video or song or even shutting the PC down. 

Free Alternate: TeamViewer Remote Control

3. Weather Radar Pro – $4.99

Weather Radar Pro displays real-time weather conditions on the map. Users can customize the measurement systems to their liking and get the forecast for the coming weeks.

The app tracks adverse weather conditions like hurricanes, storms, blizzards, etc. This is a step ahead of the other conventional weather apps that display temperature and humidity only.

Free Alternate: RadSat HD Pro

4. Navigation Pro: Google Maps Navi on Samsung Watch – $2.99

Navigation Pro for Samsung watches solves the big problem of holding a phone for directions while driving. All the navigation data is transferred to the smartwatch from the phone. No hassle of using the phone again and again.

The Navigation Pro app needs to be installed on both the devices, the phone, and the smartwatch. Navigation data can be used from Google maps. Users can create a simple route on Google maps, and directions are sent to the watch for navigation prompts. Customization related to the display and notification can be done using the phone.

Free Alternative: Navigation Wear

5. SkyView® Explore the Universe – $1.99

One of the best apps to start the Astronomical journey in understanding the cosmos and various bodies in the night sky. SkyView app brings augmented reality to the users who want to know about astronomical bodies. Objects like stars, planets, and satellites are mapped in this app.

This app works with the smartphone camera to point toward various objects in space. SkyView is the best app for learning and knowing the solar system and the stars in the real world apart from books. Just open the app and point toward the body you want to know. The app will combine data from the phone camera and the mobile device to give the info on the body or constellation.

Free Alternative: Starlight – Explore the Stars

6. PSPlay: PS5 & PS4 Remote Play – $5.99

PSPlay by Florian Grill is a Remote control tool that helps gamers play PS4 games remotely. Users can use PSPlay to convert the smartphone screen into a PS4 controller and control their PS4 and PS5.

Although the official remote playing app from PlayStation Mobile Inc. for their PS4 and PS5 is PS Remote Play. But PSPlay allows the users to play the games over the internet. But an official PlayStation profile is required to play using the PSPlay app.

Free Alternative: PS Remote Play

7. LineX Icon Pack – $0.99

Developer JustNewDesigns has a catalog full of icon pack apps. The latest in that series is the LineX Icon pack. Icon packs are a great way to freshen the look of your mobile phone screen. There are more than 5000 icon styles present in this neon pack. 

Users get an option to change the style and size of the app icons and folders.

Free Alternate: OxyPie Icon Pack

8. PeakFinder – $4.99

Augmented reality merges the two worlds, the real and the virtual. PeakFinder app, as the name suggests, helps find the mountain peak names of nearby peaks with the help of the phone camera.

They have a database of more than 900,000 peak names to make some memories while traveling or camping in the mountains.

Free Alternate: Peakbagger

9. Magic Fluids – $4.99

Magic Fluids brings fluid simulation to mobile phones in a fun and relaxing way. It contains various material simulations. Users get a chance to customize and create their simulations with different color schemes to relax and be creative at the same time.

Fluids react to the gestures on the touch screen. One of the best free alternatives to Magic Fluids is the Fluids & Sound by Marvin Krüger Art & Visuals.

Free Alternate: Fluids & Sounds: Relaxing LWP

Which is the best-paid app on the Google Play Store?

10. Nova Launcher Prime – $4.99

Nova Launcher Prime is the best on our list of top paid apps. Windows OS provides a ton of customization features through the settings option. Options like icon size, folder/file attributes, Windows opening-closing effects, etc. These features to personalize the Android visual experience and customization are enabled by Nova Launcher Prime on Android phones. With Nova Launcher Prime, users can set gestures for various functions to make mobile usage quick and easy.

All these features combine to make any smartphone personalized uniquely. The users can create an app drawer to group similar apps and even hide them. Like Windows, users can change icon type and font size with Nova Launcher Prime.  

Nova Launcher Prime is the best-paid app on the Google Play Store as it has a rating of 4.7 stars from more than 300 thousand users.

Free Alternative: Hyperion Launcher

What is the most downloaded paid app/game on the Play Store?

Minecraft leads the way in the paid category if several downloads are the criteria, with more than 10 million downloads on Android alone. Players can create their world and even compete in survival mode with other players online or offline.

Minecraft is available for download on Android phones using simple steps.

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