11 Best Tech Blogs That Everyone Should Check


Top tech blogs inform their readers about the latest from the world of technology. This information is in the form of news, reviews, tips, and troubleshooting. But what is the best place to read about the latest from the world of technology? What are the best tech blogs for professionals, casual readers, and enthusiasts?

Technology is changing rapidly so much that it becomes difficult to track the latest gadget launches and developments. To keep track of the latest in tech and science these tech blogs come in handy. Readers get a glimpse into the future of tech as well as the current news.

Where to read about tech and science?

There were days when Tech magazines began their journey from the printing press to the homes through subscription-based models. But as the internet and accessibility increased, many of these magazines found a new way to enter people’s lives. This new medium came in the form of PCs and mobile devices. Every tech blog and news website is available on PCs and mobile devices irrespective of their manufacturer.

There are many websites where one can read about technology and science and increase their knowledge and even productivity. Anyone can gain knowledge from these blogs and help themselves in personal or professional fields.

11 Tech Blogs For Readers & Enthusiasts

These are 11 tech blogs for readers to catch the latest from the tech world and learn something new every day: Cnet, Gizmodo, Techradar, MakeUseOf, PCmag, How-To Geek, The Verge, Engadget, Arstechnica, TechCrunch, and Mashable.

Tech BlogMonthly Traffic (Millions)
How-To Geek19.2
The Verge16.5
Data Source: Similarweb


CNET brings the world of tech through its website to millions of readers every month. Online readers get a fresh dose of tech and entertainment every day. Every aspect of tech and science is covered on this tech blog. 

Categories of the published content range from tech reviews to space, from science to entertainment. Through their wellness category, CNET tries to bring the tech and scientific approach to human health.

2. Gizmodo

This tech blog brings the latest news and everything happening in the tech world in English and Spanish. Unique categories like “Earther” and “everything we know” makes Gizmodo worth reading. These categories focus on the environmental aspect and the entertainment aspect of today’s world.

3. Techradar

Techradar is one of the most famous tech blogs on the planet. This website is full of tech news and buying guides for its readers. Their comparison category “versus” lets people know more about the latest gadgets and the comparison with similar ones. Other content includes gaming as well as computing categories.

4. MakeUseOf

This tech blog stands out in terms of its look and simplicity. Their signature dark theme makes it unique and pleasant for the eyes. Most of their articles are tech simplification and DIY. Windows, Mac, or Android everything is covered in their articles.

5. PCmag

Although PCmag is more of publishing than a tech blog, it still provides vital information in terms of tech and science that’s why part of this list. PCmag has been around for many decades; it started paper publishing tech magazines in the 1980s and entered the world of the internet in the 1990s. It has been fully operating in online mode for many years now. PCmag brings news from the world of tech, troubleshooting tips, and the latest gadget reviews.

6. How-To Geek

One category that almost all tech blogs have is the How to.” This DIY and troubleshooting blog focuses on PC and mobile domains. The website has plenty of buying guides for buying the latest gadgets. This simple-looking blog has more than 19 million users every month.

7. The Verge

This blog covers tech news along with categories like reviews and entertainment. Their unique category “creators” focuses on creators and influences and various platforms they use.

8. Engadget

No tech blogs list is complete without the multilingual Engadget. It has a solid base of 1.3+ million subscribers on Youtube due to its engaging and informational videos about the latest gadgets.

9. Ars Technica

From tech news to gaming and science, Arstechnica covers everything. Their unique “policy” category focuses on material related to policies that affect technology in day-to-day life.

10. Techcrunch

This tech blog brings the latest business and financial news from the tech domain. It covers tech firms and dives into the world of tech startups and everything happening in the world of big brands.    

11. Mashable

With more than 9.5 million visitors every month Mashable found its place at the 11th spot on this list. The popular categories are tech, life, entertainment, and mobility. It is popular in many countries and available in more than 10 global languages.

What do tech blogs do?

Tech blogs are focused on writing about the latest technology and everything related to it. These blogs create articles related to the latest gadget reviews and brand launches. Many of them focus on troubleshooting and buying guides as well. Most successful tech blogs create branches into social platforms to increase engagement and generate more revenue. These platforms may include Youtube to post their opinions and reviews of the latest device launches.

Where to write a tech blog?

If you think you can contribute to the tech community and you have a knack for it, then try Medium or WordPress to start your tech blog and share your knowledge and opinions. Apart from Medium and WordPress, there are plenty of other platforms where you can start writing without any initial investment.

What should a tech blog include?

They are related to gadgets or the latest news from the world of tech and science. The tech blogs should include information about the latest from the tech and science world. In some categories, it should be able to help the readers make better decisions while buying the latest gadgets. Tech blogs should inform their readers about the latest in the world of tech and the possibilities that the reader might have. Tech blogs are also experience and knowledge-sharing platforms.

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