15 Ways To Keep Your Hands Warm For/While Typing


Winters are severe in many parts of the world, and the simple thing to keep yourself warm in those conditions is to stay inside and wear warm clothes and gloves. But it is arduous if you have to sit and work with your hands in the winter. One of the challenging things for programmers and writers is to keep their fingers warm while typing. So, how to keep your hands warm while working on a keyboard?

Heating the surroundings is the best way possible to keep your hands warm. Also warming exercises and typing gloves. But everyone doesn’t live in the same climate. Therefore the solution to this problem has many variations.

There are plenty of ways to keep your hands warm in cold weather while maintaining your efficiency. Let’s will explore several ways to keep the hands warm for typing. Some of these ways require maintaining your blood flow others are simple and don’t require body movement.

Here are the 15 ways to keep your hands warm for/while typing at a glance. Some are cost-effective, while some hacks can be used anywhere in cold conditions.

S.No.Ways to warm the hands
1Use Typing Gloves
2USB Heated Gloves
3Exercise Daily
4Drink hot beverage
5Use a heater
6Warm desk pads/Heat pads
7Hand Warmers
8Use petroleum jelly
9Rub Hands
10Use Warm Breath
11Wrap warm cloth
12Hot water bottles
13Use On-Screen Keyboard
14Speak instead of writing
15Take Breaks
Table: Ways to warm the hands in winter for/while typing

1. Use Typing Gloves

Typing gloves can help you warm your fingers and let you type accurately without typos. Conventional woolen gloves also work, but they are big and increase the surface area around the fingers. Increased surface area can lead to typos by hitting the adjacent keys on the keyboard.

To solve this problem Typing Gloves are available on the market. These gloves are made of fiber that is light and warm at the same time. The best typing gloves have either finger holes to keep the fingers bare for better typing or a conductive fiber that can be used for touch screens. 

2. USB Heated Gloves

The best way to use the gloves for typing is to choose half-hand gloves. Half-hand gloves maintain the balance between typing and keeping the hands warm. But these are not suitable for extreme cold. Therefore some genius came up with the idea of USB heated gloves.

USB heated gloves draw power from your PC or laptop and heat your hands. You can choose half-hand or full-hand USB heated gloves made from wool or warm fiber. A small amount of constant heating from these gloves can keep your hands warm for long hours of work.

Many USB heated gloves have a removable heating element. Remove the heating element and use the glove like any other glove. To clean these gloves, follow the instructions to avoid damage to the heating element.

3. Exercise Daily

The human body has a built-in system to maintain body temperature in any climate. This happens with blood circulation throughout the body. To help the system cope better with the cold conditions, support it. 

Exercising can prepare your hands by warming them for typing. By exercising daily, especially in the mornings, you can help your body have better circulation.

Daily exercises like Jogging, Yoga, or simple warm-ups increase blood circulation to raise body temperature. This blood flow can help keep your body and hands warm for many hours.

Perform simple hand exercises between the breaks and maintain the temperature in your hands, palms, and fingers. It does not have to be repetitive or organized but simple arm movements randomly.

4. Drink Hot Beverage

This is the best way to keep yourself and your hands warm. Grab a cup of tea or coffee in both hands and drink it. Take your time by warming your hands and body. The frequency of hot beverages can be increased in extreme cold.

Hot beverage breaks help to maintain a relaxed atmosphere while working with intensity. In chilly climates, hot beverages help to boost morale and affect physically. 

5. Use a Heater

This is a direct and the easiest way to keep your hands warm while typing. When your hands are cold, and nothing seems to work? A small heater can solve your problem and let you focus on your work. Plenty of compact blowers and heaters in the market can be placed on your desk to keep your surroundings warm.

One precaution to be taken here is you should not place the heater facing directly toward your laptop or desktop. Laptops constantly remove heat from their motherboards using the inbuilt fans. The heater might heat them to the temperatures laptops are not built for. 

6. Warm Desk pads/Heat pads

If you observe and think about your hands in winter while typing, one thing you might notice is that your hands don’t need much heat to remain warm. Hands in the vicinity of warm desk pads can keep warm for optimal output.

Warm pads placed below your keyboard and mouse can heat your hands and keep your hands warm. These pads can also act as mouse pads or even foot warmers. A warming pad is advantageous for gamers as they need a high concentration and cannot be bothered by cold hands.

There are solitary warm mousepads meant for only a single hand that operates the mouse. The user places their hand inside this pouch that contains the mouse.

7. Hand Warmers

7.1 Active hand warmers: Active hand warmers use external sources of energy to produce heat and warm your hands. They either use real-time charging from smartphones or computers or come equipped with chargeable batteries.

7.2 Passive hand warmers: Chemical processes like oxidation can produce constant heat till the process is in action. 

Passive hand warmers are nothing but small pouches containing iron particles. When the pouch gets exposed to air, the oxidation process starts and heat is released. Depending on the amount of substance inside the bag the heat gets released. These hand warmers can be placed inside the gloves or kept directly inside the fists and wait for warmth.

These are the same hand-warming packs used by athletes in many field sports in cold weather.  

8. Use Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly or Vaseline blocks cold by reducing the impact of cold air. It is especially beneficial in dry cold weather to keep the moisture in the skin. 

9. Rub Hands

If you can’t find anything, take small breaks of 10 to 15 seconds every 5 minutes or so and rub your hands. Rubbing the hands together produces heat, and if done frequently, it can keep your hands at an optimal temperature for typing.

10. Use a Warm Breath

Join your hands and use the warm breath to keep the heat flowing through your palms. In cold conditions, your breath is always warmer than your surroundings. Use the natural heat and put on gloves afterward if possible.

11. Wrap Warm Cloth

Warm clothes made of wool, fleece, or silk retain heat for long periods. Wrap any warm cloth or scarf around your palms, keeping your fingers free for typing. Blood flows from the hands to the fingers. Warming the back of your palm helps to warm the fingers even if they are not covered.

12. Hot Water Bottles

Hot water bottles are an efficient way to keep your hands and whole body warm. 

Heat the water, pour it into a hot water bottle, and keep it near your workstation. 

In between your writing stint, place your palms on the bottle. It will warm your hands instantly without any external heating source needed. Water retains heat more than the surroundings. Therefore heating the water once is enough for many hours for work.

13. Use On-Screen Keyboard

An On-Screen Keyboard on your Windows PC can let you type with your mouse. It is not the most productive way to type, but to beat the cold it can work. As only two fingers are needed to operate the mouse, you can cover both your hands with heavy gloves or cloth to keep them warm.

Search for the On-Screen Keyboard in your windows search bar. Click on the icon, and the On-Screen Keyboard will appear. Place the cursor wherever you want to type and click the virtual keys on the keyboard.

14. Speak Instead of Writing

If typing with the mouse is not your thing, then don’t worry and keep your hands inside your pockets. 

Google docs have an inbuilt voice-to-text converter. This voice-typing feature is getting better every time. If mastered and used properly this can prove more efficient than manual typing.

To enable the voice-to-text feature, open your Google docs tools setting and select “voice typing.” Click the microphone button to start typing with your voice.

Also, try to have verbal/video online meetings rather than text chats.

15. Take Breaks

Taking breaks is essential in any scenario while working. Taking a few minutes off from work every 30 – 40 minutes can increase productivity. During these breaks, you can make a cup of tea or coffee or simply take a stroll.

Take a break and put your hands in your pockets.

How to keep my hands warm while typing?

As mentioned above, keeping your hands heated while typing can be done with many different methods.

  • Use heated gloves connected via a USB port.
  • Use hand warmers in gloves or hold them directly in your hands.
  • Use half-hand or full-hand typing gloves.
  • Use a small heater to warm the surroundings near your keyboard.
  • Use heated desk pads.

Why do my hands get cold when typing?

There can be several reasons for your hands to get colder when typing. It’s perfectly normal for your hands to get colder while typing in the winter or rainy season. In other seasons your hands should remain warm enough to type. Cold hands can be due to poor circulation of blood or lack of nutrients. This can be sorted with a visit to your physician and consultation.

How to keep your hands warm without gloves?

Without the gloves use the following methods and work comfortably on your keyboards.

  • Warm your surrounding with an electric heater
  • Use the hot water bottle
  • Use a warming pad for your desk
  • Use the hand-warming pockets
  • Drink hot beverages
  • Exercise daily for better blood circulation

How to keep your hands warm while gaming?

The best way to game in winter without getting cold is by using a thermostat to warm your gaming location. For optimal gaming, maintain the room temperature to optimal levels. Gamers can use heated USB gloves, warm pads, or simple gloves if an external heating source is not available.

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