3 Best Ways To Play Youtube In The Background


Youtube is by far the most used phone app in the world for playing music and videos. One thing that most Youtube users want is music or audio playing in the background while using their phone and other apps. Is it even possible? What is the best way to play Youtube in the background?

The best way to play Youtube in the background for free is by using the Android split-screen option or using the phone browser. If both these methods don’t work, the best is to go for the premium membership of Youtube.

Google is constantly making changes with updates to its tech for a better user experience. But there are some things that Google keeps in every update. Limited access to background audio playing on Youtube is one of those things.

How to play youtube in the background for free – Android?

Users can start playing Youtube videos from the Youtube app or the Youtube homepage on the Google Chrome browser. Both these methods can be used to play the videos in the background.

Android has many features and tricks that allow users to perform single tasks in many different ways. Similarly,  there are a few settings and tricks that users can use to play music or videos on Youtube in the background without the premium membership. Follow the below simple steps to play Youtube in the background with or without the app.

1. Play Youtube in the background using the app

First Method

Step 1:- Open the Youtube app on your android phone.

Step 2:- Hit the square button(App overview) at the bottom.

Step 3:- On the top right corner look for the split-screen option and tap it.

Step 4:- Drag and drop the Youtube app in the top split-screen section.

Step 5:- Browse the video you want to play and hit the play button.

Step 6:- Now tap the “circle button” called the home screen button.

Your Youtube audio will keep on playing in the background while you navigate through your phone or different apps. This method only allows playback while the screen is on. To play Youtube in the background and also while the screen is off use the second method.

Second Method

Use Video Toolbox on Android phones. Swipe on the line on the left side of the screen while inside the Youtube video streaming screen. Tap the icon that says “Play video sound with screen off.” Keep in mind if the app is lock protected this will not work. Sound in the background plays only when the home screen is off.

Video Toolbox in Android

2. Play Youtube in the background using the browser

To use the background Youtube play option in Chrome or other mobile phone browsers, first enable notifications options from the settings menu. Then use these steps to play Youtube in the background on Android phones. The steps are for Chrome, but most browsers have the same settings to enable the desktop mode.

  • Open the Chrome browser and tap on the three dots on the upper right side.
  • Find the “Notifications” option and tap.
  • Enable the notifications if already not enabled.
  • Open Youtube.com in Chrome and tap the three red dots once more.
  • Tick the “Desktop site” box and refresh the page. You will see the desktop Youtube home page.
  • Play any video you want and hit the “Home” button on your Android phone. The audio will stop playing.
  • Drag down the notifications list.
  • Here you will see the notification box with various media player options.
  • Tap the play button and hit the home button once more. This time the audio will keep playing even if the phone screen turns off.

These are the two best ways to play Youtube in the background on an Android device.

How to play Youtube in the background on any mobile device?

3. Youtube’s Premium subscription

The best way to do that would be to get a premium subscription plan from Youtube. Once you have the subscription you can use youtube 24/7 unlimited and play the videos and audio in the background. The first month is offered for free. Users can cancel the subscription before the first month to avoid any charges at all.

This is the best way to play the videos in the background and comes with extra perks. Youtube premium comes with an adless experience. Forget about clicking the “Skip Ads” button. Premium subscriptions remove ads from both desktop and mobile versions of Youtube.

How to play Youtube music in the background without a premium subscription?

Youtube music is free for Youtube premium users. Users can play the music in the background and even with the screen turned off to save the battery. But to play the Youtube music in the background you need to use the split-screen methods as mentioned above in the case of the Youtube app.

How to play Youtube in the background on a PC?

Youtube music and videos can be played for free in the background on any PC with the help of any browser. The browser runs in eth background to play the music while the user performs other real-time tasks. To play Youtube on the PC background, follow these simple steps.

  • Open the Youtube home page.
  • Click on the “Explore” option on the left-hand side.
  • Select the “Music” option.
  • Browse or search for music and start playing
  • Finally, minimize the browser and start working on other tasks.

Youtube not playing in the background, Solved

Even with the above three ways, users might face issues while playing Youtube videos or music in the background of their phone or even PC. This issue might arise because of the following reasons.

1. End of premium subscription

When the subscription for Youtube premium features ends, it takes away the ability to play music or videos in the background both on PC or mobile. Although the subscription renews itself every month but sometimes due to payment failures or pre-cancellation of the subscription the renewal process is hindered.


To solve this problem pay manually for the subscription renewal and check if you have pre-canceled the subscription. If your subscription is no longer in the cycle then use the other methods to Play Youtube in the background.

2. Low RAM capacity

Phone processors and memory units are becoming better and faster every year. But even the best phones can hand and stop Youtube in the background. This happens due to the limited resources in terms of RAM. Some apps consume more RAM than others. While most phones can play music in the background while working on other tasks, sometimes a heavy real-time process can affect the background processes.


If the above is recurring, then try to run lighter apps while Youtube is running in the background. Try giving background processes more RAM by increasing background process limits.

3. Network disconnections

Troubleshoot for network disconnection and get Youtube playing in the background while performing other tasks on your phone or PC.

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