5 Free Canva Alternatives (Features listed)


In terms of graphic designing people often tend to look for alternative tools that lie between photoshop and Canva. There are many online tools for image editing and graphic design. Canva has gained popularity in the past few years as a free alternative to heavy and expensive tools like photoshop and illustrator. Although limited in capabilities Canva offers one of the best online tools for editing and publishing.  

All the Canva Alternate web-based tools offer similar features some completely and others partially. These web-based image editors and graphic design tools are high tech and some like simplified IO even use AI to generate content along with designing and editing.

Pre-built templates, image editor, image background removal tool, styling, fonts, and many other video editing features make Canva an all-around tool. All these features are free and paid. Although many tools provide Canva Pro features for free as well that’s not the only thing designers look for in other tools. They look for features as well as extra content in terms of stock assets.

What is Canva used for?

Canva offers pre-built designs that attract millions globally. Designers and casual users use Canva to edit images and create posters, and material for social media. Specifically in image editing, Canva is quite popular for its image background removal tool. Although there is plenty offered by Canva for free there are features only available for paid subscribers. This is one reason designers and editors opt for other alternate apps.

Canva features free and paid options

Canva offers a wide variety of features in its online and in-app versions. All these tools offer image editing and graphic designing with various templates. Some of them have a variety of options, others with only a single click feature. All the top-level tools like Canva have pre-built templates that make them popular.

Image Background removal

Canva’s background removal tool offers 1 click background removal from any image. Although the feature is great, it is not free.

Image Enhancer

Canva’s image editing tool can help users enhance image quality with parameter adjustment. All these adjustments can be used from the left side pane or with the auto enhancer tool. Additional editing features like filters, tone selectors, mockups, and Autofocus, allow for the best quality editing experience.


“Elements” section contains geometric shapes, photos, short videos, and many more.

Pre-designed templates

Thousands of pre-designed templates fill Canva’s online library for users to download and use in their design.


Canva provides free-to-use photos of millions in number. Users can search for related keywords and enter them in the search bar.


The style feature combines colors with fonts to give a complete design theme for any project.

Background Images

These images usually contain simple images that can be used as a background for any project.

What can I use instead of Canva?

These tools include free alternatives to Canva Pro.

Adobe Express:- Adobe express is one of the best alternatives for Canva as it matches the features from option to option.

Simplified:- A design and content creation platform that uses AI for writing and helps users with their social media campaigns.

PIXLR:- Primarily for image editing. 

iLoveIMG:- Image editing and processing.

VistaCreate:- Graphic design with pre-built templates and designs.

FeaturesCanvaAdobe ExpressSimplifiedPIXLRiLoveIMGVistaCreate
Image Background RemovalPro PlanFreeFreeFreePremiumPro Plan
Image EnhancerAuto/ManualManualManualManualN/AManual
Elements/ShapesFree & PaidFreeFreeFreeFreeFree
Pre-designed templatesFree & PaidFree & PaidFreeFreeN/AFree 
PhotosFree & PaidFree & Paid(Adobe stock)Third-PartyFreeN/AFree & Paid
StylesFreeFree & PaidFree FreeN/APro Plan
Background ImagesFreeFree & PaidN/AN/AN/AFree
Image ResizePro PlanFreeFreeFreeFreeFree
Canva alterntes with features

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