7 Leading Fintech Companies In the US


What does fintech mean?

Fintech companies deal in Financial Technology. These companies work in Accounting, Financing, and Banking by developing technologies to support financial institutions. The top financial institutes are striving for a better customer experience through financial management by using the latest technologies. 

Leading Fintech companies like Intuit and Ally Financial have slowly established a consumer base that ranges from individuals to small to medium businesses. Some of the other leading fintech companies are Square, Bill.com, Chime, Plaid, and Brex.

Many Fintech companies have started to explore the AI realm as well for better financial solutions for their customers. Private fintech firms like Stripe are riding the high growth figures while giants like Visa and Mastercard are in the public domain.

7 Fintech companies in the USA worth knowing about

These are the leading fintech companies in the United States. 


Intuit is an America-based fintech company that offers products for financial management. Intuit is leading the market with many products like…


is an online marketing business tool that focuses primarily on email marketing. Primary users of this product are websites and online stores.


Accounting software that keeps track of personal or corporate finance. Companies use Quickbooks to manage expenses, invoices, bills, and inventory.


Turbotax helps customers file their taxes or provides expert help. It supports various categories of customers from self-employed to business owners.

Credit Karma

Offers credit score monitoring and ways to improve it. Curated offers are shown to the customers based on their credit scores.


Personal finance app for monitoring, planning, and managing expenses.


Square provides wholesome business solutions from payment to marketing and staff management. It is founded by the former CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey. This fintech company provides sales terminals and accessories and POS solutions for retail and small businesses.


Chime operates on a transactional fee-based model of revenue. Among its services are checking accounts and free credit or debit cards. This is one of the leading fintech companies in the USA with more than $5 billion in assets.

Ally Financial

This financial technology company offers investing platforms, banking, and financial services. Ally Financial is also known for lending services of small loans and vehicle finance. It has $185 Billion in assets.


Plaid provides consumers with the service and platform to connect their bank accounts to fintech applications for transaction management and loans. They provide cumulative personal finance for users with multiple accounts.  


Bill.com uses AI for transactions of bill payments by small businesses. They provide products and solutions for small businesses in various domains like hospitality, healthcare, and profit.


Brex has a customer base that includes names like Doordash, Deel, Scale, and Airbnb. This leading fintech firm deals in solutions for the financial management of businesses. Some of their services include credit cards for business accounts, Brex APIs, and bill payments.

Which is the biggest fintech company in the USA?

In terms of asset value, Ally Financial is at the top in the US markets. But as far as Equity is concerned Visa is the biggest Fintech company in the USA. Below is the graphical representation of some of the biggest asset value fintech companies.

Data Source: Google Finance

What are the fastest-growing fintech companies?

Valued at $95B in 2021, Strip is one of the fastest-growing fintech companies in the USA. The Strip is a private firm that provides online payment gateways for sellers and businesses.

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