9 Most Popular Online Shopping Apps For Gadgets in the US


Apps are everywhere, from online streaming to online gadget shopping. Online shopping apps for gadgets are not a new thing and are present on every platform from Android to iOS from Windows to Mac. But few apps are niche-specific. This article lists some popular shopping apps in the tech niche.

These are the most popular online shopping apps for gadgets and tech-related items in the USA: Amazon Shopping, Best Buy, Newegg, Walmart, Gadget Flow, B&H Photo Video, Newegg, Target, and Costco.

Online shopping is so convenient that the majority of the buyers in the US buy stuff online. It saves time and in many cases money as well. Buying gadgets online is part of this trend. Technologies like 360 viewings, and AR are trying to reduce the gap between offline and online shopping. Shoppers select their favorite brands and gadgets and read customer reviews, and the purchase is finalized. 

There are many popular online shopping apps for gadgets on the internet. Many of these apps originated from shopping sites. Many people get access to mobile devices even before they get access to PCs. Therefore tapping into this market is crucial for all online retailers and wholesalers.

These apps not only deliver electronic items to the doorsteps but also ensure that the buyers get an exact idea of the items they are buying. 

9 Best Online shopping sites and apps for gadgets

1. Amazon Shopping

Amazon was one of the first to enter the online selling game. Since then it has become the world’s number one online shopping app. With its global reach, the Amazon shopping app sells electronic items to millions of customers.

Amazon started its journey with online book delivery but now they sell everything. Electronic is amongst the top categories sold by Amazon. All these items are presented with images and reviews. Buyers get a feel about the product from the images, and customer reviews. 

Apart from presentations, there are discounts as well that make Amazon one of the most popular shopping apps. Amazon is the most popular online shopping app for gadgets in the US.

Website: Amazon.com

App Downloads: 500+ million

Return Policy: 30-day

2. Walmart App

Walmart apps sell many products including tech-related products. Although prices are the same as on other delivery apps. But frequent customers can opt for Wlamart+ to save on delivery costs and get added extra benefits.

Walmart is one of the most popular online shopping apps for gadgets and other items. This app has more than 50 million downloads with 4.7 reviews from  2.2 million users.

Website: Walmart.com

App Downloads: 50+ million

Return Policy: 90-day

3. Best Buy

Best Buy is a US-based online shopping app for gadgets that deals specifically in electronics items. It is one of the oldest stores in the US. Best buy offers competitive prices for their items and discounts with “top deals” and “deal of the day” sections.

Consumer electronic varieties are endless on best buy. Smart gadgets and appliances can also be bought from their physical stores. Best buy faces tough competition from Amazon in the delivery and service category.

Website: Bestbuy.com

App Downloads: 10+ million

Return Policy: Conditional, 14 to 60 days

4. Target

This retail store sells everything from groceries to electronics. The Target Circle feature lets members benefit from discounts and special offers. Established in 1962, Target is one of the oldest retail stores in the United States.

Website: Target.com

App Downloads: 10+ million

Return Policy: 30-days

5. Costco

This members-only store was established in 1976. Costco is present in more than 10 countries and the app has more than 3.1-star average reviews. This wholesale retailer has many warehouses across the USA. 

All the goods are sold to members only. Although the app is officially known as Costco wholesale, any member can buy single products as well.

Website: Costco.com

App Downloads: 10+ million

Return Policy: 90-days(electronics only)

6. GameStop(Tech only)

Gamestop is a gaming niche store that sells electronic and digital goods. Everything in this app is sold to gamers. Buyers can get their hands on the latest games and the hardware to play them. From gaming consoles and laptops to assembled PCs, everything is the latest. Pro members get power-up reward benefits instead of paid membership.

Website: Gamestop.com

App Downloads: 5+ million

Return Policy: 30-days

7. B&H Photo Video(Tech only)

By the name, it may sound like a camera shop, which it is, but they sell many other electronic items as well. Established in 1973, B&H Photo Video has only one physical store, and the majority of its sales are from online order fulfillment. They have a conditional 30-day return policy for unsatisfied customers.

Website: Bhphotovideo.com

App Downloads: 1+ million

Return Policy: 30-Day

8. Newegg App(Tech only)

Newegg specializes in tech products and sells electronic items in more than 50 countries. With one million app downloads on the app store, they have a rating of 4 stars. Newegg’s business supports corporate customers with a wide variety of electronic items.

Website: Newegg.com

App Downloads: 10+ million

Return Policy: 30-Day

9. TigerDirect(Tech only)

TigerDirect is an electronics-only online shopping app. They sell both branded and off-brand electronic items on their website and the app. This online electronic store sells gadgets for homes and businesses. Some special offers are given to app users only.

Website: Tigerdirect.com

App Downloads: 10K+

Return Policy: 7 to 30 Days

What are the best computer shopping sites?

Micro Center

With only tech giants like IBM, DELL, and Lenovo above it, Micro center has more than 6 million website visitors every month. This online computer shopping store only operates through its website. They sell branded laptops and PCs from brands like Apple, ASUS, HP, and others.

Gadget Flow

It is a tech Review & Product discovery site that helps enthusiasts find the best products along with a detailed description. Their “cool new gadgets” category helps readers find new and upcoming products. Readers can also pre-book these latest gadgets from third-party links.

Which is the cheapest shopping app for electronics?

All the online shopping apps for gadgets have somewhat similar prices in terms of a particular model of a gadget. But the cost varies depending on the delivery networks and shipping costs. Many apps take the route of paid membership to beat the competition while satisfying the customer with the best prices. This proves beneficial to frequent buyers and businesses.

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