How To Install Call Of Duty On Mobile? -2022


After a much-awaited launch, Call Of Duty On Mobile quickly rose to the top of the Google Play store in terms of most downloads. COD is one of the finest FPS games in the world. If you ask professional gamers, they might say it is the best. In this article, let’s answer: how to install and run the COD mobile on your devices?

To install Call of Duty on mobile, download the OBB file or APK from the Play Store. For iPhone or Ipad, download the .ipa file from the App Store. Install the game, and start playing after configuring your account.

Call of Duty Mobile requires less space and processing power than the beloved shooter game for the PC version. COD mobile version is available for computers as well. That’s right! You can play COD mobile on PC as well. Read below to know more about installing the COD mobile on your phone or PC and start playing the thrilling PVP multiplayer modes. 

Some devices and system configurations might encounter installation errors. In this article, you will know about troubleshooting these errors and problems on Android devices, iOS, Mac, and PC. COD mobile is free to play, but players can also opt for in-game purchases or the battle pass.

How to install Call of Duty Mobile in 2022?

How to install Call of Duty on Samsung Galaxy S22, S22+, and Ultra phones?

All the latest mobile devices support Activision’s free-to-play COD mobile. If you are not running the latest version of Android or iOS, then check the system requirements from the official COD website. Open the Google play store app in your Samsung Galaxy S22, S22+, and Ultra and follow the below steps.

1. Type “Call of Duty” in the search bar. You will see the options like Call of Duty, Call of Duty Mobile Garena, Call of Duty offline, etc.

2. Select the first option, “Call of Duty.” You will see two buttons below the game title and Activision Publishing, Inc’s name.

3. Clicking any of the two options will eventually lead you to the Game installation. Click on “Install.”If you choose “Try now,” you can have a zest of the game in a random room with gameplay options. To install the game hit the “Download now” button. When done checking the basic gameplay, hit this button. The game will start to download and will install itself without any prompt. Wait for it to finish.

Note:- If you are using mobile data and not Wifi, you might lose your data quota. It is adequate to use Wifi to download this game. The data required will be north of 1.9 GBs.

4. On the next screen, a permission prompt will appear. Click “OK” and hit “Allow” after that. You will see the game creator banners, and the game will start to download.

5. After some time new window will appear where you can read Activision’s privacy policy and terms of use. Hit the “Accept” button after reading.

6. You will now see three options to start your gameplay: “Guest,” “Call of Duty,” and “Sign in with Facebook.” Select any of these options. Remember, for the “Call for Duty,” you have to enter your COD account credential. To create your COD account visit,

7 . If you are in a hurry to play your first match, then click on “Guest.” This option allows you to sign in with your Google credentials.

8. On the next screen, select your Avatar, enter your official COD name, and hit “OK.”

You are ready to enter the BootCamp. Get used to the controls and the in-game weapons.

How to Download and install the Call of Duty Mobile APK file?

The official way is to download and install the game from the Play store. But, if you don’t have enough internet resources to download 1.9 GB of data, then copy the files from your friends. This method is not recommended, as it might show errors while starting the game.

In any scenario, you will eventually need an internet connection to your android device to update the game and play the thrilling multiplayer mode. The only official way is to get the game from the Play Store or App Store. If you have the file from other sources, use the file manager app and open the file. You will require extra permissions enabled from your settings menu to allow this file to install. Android treats third-party files as a potential threat to user data and security.

How to install Call of Duty on an iPhone?

To download and install Call of Duty on iOS(iPhone or iPad), follow these simple steps. Most of the steps are similar to android devices.

Step 1:- Open the App Store on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2:- Write “Call of Duty” in the search bar.

Step 3:- Select the first result and install the game.

Note:- Call of Duty on iPhone requires 2.2 GB of space.

The rest of the installation process is like the above for Android phones. Except for the file type, everything else is similar to Android devices. From the App Store, the .ipa file gets downloaded onto the iPhone instead of the OBB file.

How to install Call of Duty Mobile on a PC?

Android app development is done on computers. DevOps platforms use Android Emulators that emulate various device models. Similarly, these emulators can load and run the game on a PC.

How to download Call of duty mobile on PC; Windows 10?

To play multiplayer shooter COD mobile on PC, you need to install an emulator. Emulators are like virtual phones inside the PC. These emulators like Bluestacks and Gameloop require highly configured systems to run the apps smoothly. Check the minimum configuration and install any of the two emulators.

Install Call of Duty Mobile using Gameloop?

  1. Start by installing the game loop program from their official website
  2. After installing Gameloop, open the program and run it like any other android phone.
  3. Install the game by either downloading the OBB file or installing directly from the play store.

Minimum system configuration for Gameloop

RAM: Minimum 3 GB

Processor: Intel Core i3(1.8 GHz) or above/AMD Phenom II or above

OS: Windows 7 or above

Disk space: 1 GB

Graphics card: Nvidia

Or use Bluestacks

The fact that Bluestcaks use more RAM than Gameloop makes it outperform. To install Bluestacks go to their official website After that, download the files using the above steps.

Minimum system configuration for Bluestacks

RAM: Minimum 4 GB

Processor: Intel/AMD

OS: Windows 7 or above

Disk space: 5 GB

Graphics card: Nvidia

How to install Call of Duty Mobile on Mac?

  1. Download the Bluestacks program on mac using this link.
  2. Install the game from the play store.
  3. Configure the settings for your input devices.
  4. Start playing(Adjust graphic settings for lags)

Why is my Call of Duty Mobile not Installing?

There can be several reasons for COD mobile to get stuck at the loading screen at the start. Let’s look at these and try to find the answer with solutions.

#1 System configuration

The minimum system configuration for COD Mobile is as below. The game won’t install if the required minimum configuration is not available.


OS: Android 5.1 or higher or iOS 9.0 or higher

Device: Android, iPhone, iPad, Tab, Emulator(Mac and PC).

#2 Storage space

Call of duty mobile requires a minimum of 2 GB of space on Android devices and 2.2 GB on iOS. The game won’t install if the storage space is less than that. Free the space by deleting unwanted data or apps from your phone and try installation once again.

#3 OS and game updates

Make sure to update your device OS and the game itself from the Play Store or App Store. Without the updates installed, the game won’t run.

What are the various game modes in COD mobile?

Call of Duty Mobile is a thrilling free multiplayer shooter game launched by Activision publishing. Most multiplayer gamers play this game on Android phones. Players get the chance to switch modes anytime. They can also play with the famous characters from COD Black Ops and Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

The gamers who have played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare know character names like Captain John Price and Simon “Ghost” Riley. All the beloved game modes have customizable controls.


Players get to play with their friends in a multiplayer team deathmatch with a unique loadout of their choosing. Communication is via text chat or voice chat. Pro or casual gamers play iconic 

multiplayer maps to improve their skills and have fun.

Battle Royale

Battle Royal is a multiplayer match between 100 players present in a team or individuals. This match has zones that shrink to eliminate players and bring the top competitors closer to the final stages.

Competitive ranked mode

To do more than just casual gameplay, you can opt for Ranked Mode to play as competitors. Every match rewards players with points, and they accumulate to rank up. These matches get highly competitive with the increase in ranking. Most professional COD gamers are ranked very high.

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