How to remove a card from Doordash?


With so many apps and their subscriptions running simultaneously, sometimes you might get billed for something you are not using or taking a break from. Whatever the reason may be, removing the card from these apps is useful if you are not using them anymore. One such app can be the food ordering app Doordash. What exactly are the steps to remove the cards or payment methods from the Doordash account?

Remove any card from the Doordash app under the payment options. For a step-by-step description please read the whole article. You will learn to remove any payment method using a PC or mobile device.

Doordash payment methods can be added or deleted using the Doordash app or through a PC or phone browser. All these methods are explained in the steps below.

How to remove or update the payment method on Doordash?

Doordash is a food and grocery delivery company that connects sellers and restaurants with local consumers. If you have a Doordash account, but don’t have the app, then download it from the Play Store or App Store for iPhone users. After the download is complete you can remove the card or any other payment method from the Doordash account and avoid unwanted charges.

How to remove a card from the Doordash account on a PC?

  1. Open any browser on your PC.
  1. Sign In to your Doordash account.
  1. On the top left corner, you will see three lines for the menu, click on them.
  1. A menu pane will open in the form of a list. Click on the “Payment” option.
  1. You will see all the payment options currently added to your Doordash account. Click on three dots for the payment method you want to delete. 
  1. Click on the “Delete” button.

How to remove a card from the Doordash app?

  1. Open the Doordash app on your mobile device(Android or iPhone).
  1. Sign In.
  1. On the home screen in the bottom right corner, tap the “Account” icon. Your account details will open.
  1. Tap the “Payment Cards” option. All the Payment methods will be displayed. 
  1. Swipe left on the card you want to delete and tap on the red color “Delete” which will appear once you swipe.

Not able to delete the card from Doordash?

Although the subscription fee is deducted at the start of your subscription period, sometimes there might be problems in deleting the payment methods. If there is no other default card added to your account for the subscription fee there might be difficulties in removing a payment method from your Doordash account. If that is the case, then contact their customer support through online chat or a phone call. 

How to add a payment method to Doordash?

Doordash accepts credit/debit cards, gift cards, and Paypal. Users can log in to their account and in the payments, option add a new payment method and confirm the same. These payment methods can be used to pay for the orders and subscription fee for Dash Pass. Once added, the card will be charged automatically if the monthly subscription of the Dash Pass is opted for.

What is Dash Pass?

Dash Pass is a subscription-based service with added benefits in the Doordash account. Anyone can subscribe to Dash Pass and save on delivery charges and get special offers.

How to subscribe to Dash pass?

Go to your account section and tap or click for free deliveries. Then choose the “Get Dash Pass” option and select the payment method for billing. You will get confirmation upon successful subscription.

How to get a Dash Pass subscription for free?

There are two ways to get the Dash Pass subscription for free.

#1 Dash Pass free trial for 30 days

#2 Dash Pass free for 1 year with the Chase card

How to end the Dash Pass subscription?

Open your account section and choose the “Manage DashPass” option then tap or click on “End Subscription.”
If after ending the subscription you are not able to delete the payment methods using your PC or mobile device, then check that the card you want to delete is not your default payment method. If you want to delete a default card then first add another one. In case you don’t want to add any other payment method and avoid advance payments, then you can also delete the entire Doordash account.

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