How to reset the infrared thermometer?


The term infrared thermometer became popular after the world got hit by the pandemic. They work in the infrared spectrum of light to get readings from a predefined distance. Sometimes the operators have to reset these infrared thermometers owing to various reasons. But what is the best way to reset these infrared thermometers without any problems? 

Remove the batteries from the thermometer and wait for a few minutes. Insert the batteries and turn the thermometer on. The contactless infrared thermometer is reset and ready for use. Some thermometers might also have a reset button or a combination of buttons to reset them.

Mostly infrared non-contact thermometers are used in the medical field. More so after the pandemic. Before the Covid -19 pandemic, infrared thermometers were widely used in industries and cooking for measuring the temperature without physical contact. 

This article will highlight the steps to reset and calibrate these infrared thermometer guns. Let’s learn to reset and calibrate some popular models of infrared thermometers. 

Let’s start by answering the basic questions like…

How do you manually reset the infrared thermometer?

These thermometers come in the shape of a gun and record temperature without physical contact. This design makes them extremely useful in measuring the temperature without difficulty by cutting down on the measurement time. Conventional thermometers required time to measure the body temperature but not infrared thermometers.

Resetting an infrared thermometer is extremely easy. Follow the below steps to perform the reset procedure.

  • Usually in most IR thermometers “ER” will appear on the screen due to many reasons. An error may be due to low battery power or a fall impact on the device itself or measurement distance or temperature is out of range.
  • In the second step remove the batteries and keep the thermometer in off mode for 2 to 3 minutes and reinsert the batteries. This should fix the “ER.” If not, then follow the next step.
  • Look for a “Reset” or “Mode” button and change the measurement type. Based on the measurement type, the non-contact digital thermometer will seek the input values of distance and temperature accordingly. And any “ER” prompt will disappear.

How to factory reset the infrared thermometer?

Long press the “Mode” or Power button on your thermometer for a factory reset. All these buttons might have different functions depending on the model number. Read the manual instruction that comes along with the gadget for a factory reset.

How to reset the infrared thermometer GP-300?

Step1: Turn the LCD on with the trigger.

Step2: Press the “Set” button repeatedly until the screen shows function F2.

Step3: Press the “+/-” buttons to change the units.

Step4: measure to get an idea of the current units.

How to calibrate the infrared thermometer?

Calibration should be done if the “ER” occurs regularly or it has been months before you last calibrated your device. Calibration is nothing but ensuring that the measurements you get from your Infrared thermometers are correct.

  • Calibration involves measuring the already known temperature of a matter or a body.
  • The frozen water remains at zero degrees Celsius(32o F). 
  • Take some ice and point the temperature gun and measure the temperature. If it shows zero degrees celsius then the thermometer is calibrated or else follow these steps.
  • Press and hold the “Mode” button and press it three times for offset value. Increase or decrease this value using the “+” or “-” buttons. For example, if your thermometer shows ice temperature to be 0.2 degrees celsius then set the value to “-0.2.”
  • Check the temperature again and the reading should come as 0 or 32 based on the measurement units. 
  • The same can be done by calibrating the Infrared thermometer gun for body temperature. Measure the temperature of the body using a regular clinical thermometer. And then measure it with your IR thermometer. Both the values should be the same, if not, use the “Mode” button to input the offset value and measure again.

How to reset the infrared thermometer to Celsius/Fahrenheit?

Thermometers with the “Mode” button will show oC or oF on long press. Use the “+/-” buttons on the side of the thermometer to switch between the units.

In thermometers with “Set”, “Memo” and “Mode” buttons, long-press the “Set” button to display the word “Unit” on the LCD screen of the thermometer gun. Use the “Memo” button to change the readings from Celsius to Fahrenheit or vice versa.

How do you fix the errors in the infrared thermometer?

  1. The LCD of the IR thermometer gun can display various errors in short form. Errors like “ER” or “Err” are usually an indication of low batteries. Just change the batteries to remove the error. 
  2. “Hi/Lo” Errors are the result of wrong mode selection. Example: If you have selected the “Body” mode and you are trying to measure the surface temperature of a hot body it will indicate “Hi” as the value returned is extremely high for the body range. The same happens with the “Lo” error. Simply change the measurement mode to get rid of these errors.
  3. A blank LCD screen may again be the result of low batteries or wrong battery polarity. Make sure the batteries are new and the polarity is correct as per the signs on the battery slot cover.

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