Remove Image Background With Adobe Express For Free (3 Easy Steps)


Online image processing and editing tools are growing by number every day. All these tools help the users with their designs and projects through web browsers only. Adobe is not behind and has launched its web-based free-to-use image editing tool Adobe Express. But can it do what other small web tools do? Is it the best tool for removing background from images?

Adobe Creative Cloud Express is the best online tool for removing or replacing the background from images. The reason is top-quality software to process images to the tiniest of details.

All the top designers choose Adobe over the competitors because of the high quality of tools that help to convey the message they want to portray with their designs.

What is the best background remover tool and is it free?

Photoshop still rules the market when it comes to image editing. Removing an image background is the easiest task anyone can do with Photoshop. But it’s not free and requires some computing power. This was the reason web-based image editing tools started to pop into the market. These tools are easy to use and cater to the need or variety of users with their singular task capabilities.

In Dec 2021, Adobe launched Express: their web-based free image editing and graphic design tool. It looks like the best tool for background removal with other features like pre-built designs, templates, and even social media automated publishing tools as well.

How to remove the background of any image with Adobe Express?

Use these 3 easy steps to remove the background from any image or photo.

Step 1:- Login into your Adobe Express account. You can use your socials to log in.

Step 2:- Browse the image and upload. The background removal process will start automatically.

Step 3:- Hit the “Continue” button to further edit the image or simply “Download.” 

How to add background to the image?

If you opt to further edit the image or add another background follow the below steps.

Step 1:- Click on the blank space where you want to add the background.

Step 2:- Choose an image or a background from the left side pane or simply choose the “solid color” option from the right side.

Step 3 – Hit the download button and choose the file format to get the image saved.

Remove the image background with the adobe express app?

Android users can download the Adobe Express app on their phones from the Play Store. And hit the “Quick Action” button above the “+” sign. Choose the option of “Remove Background” and upload the image. Once the background is removed use the customize or save option to get the desired image.

What are the alternatives for Adobe Express?

Although Adobe express is a fast and quality tool for removing the background from images and graphic designing, if it’s not for you then opt for other tools like Canva, or

If you don’t get desired results check out this post to remove the background using Canva or look for alternates.

Is Adobe express free to use?

Adobe express has many features free for use with the online tool. All these features can be accessed using any web browser or the Adobe Express App on Windows, Android, and Apple devices.

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