The Top 10 Best & Most Downloaded Browsers For Android


Unlike other Android apps, there is at least one browser on every smartphone. This makes them the most downloaded apps in the world. Some of them even hit the billion download mark. Every browser wants to stand out with unique features and only a few succeed to impress the netizens. So, what are the best & most downloaded browsers for Android?

The top 10 Most downloaded Android Browsers in our list are Chrome, Samsung Internet Browser, Opera Mini, Firefox, Phoenix, Brave, Puffin, Ecosia, Edge, and Kiwi. These browsers are the top ten best browsers on our list.

Phone browsers are evolving and the competition is slowly growing. New developers are emerging every year with some unique features and squeeze into the highly competitive market. But does that mean they are the best as well?

Let us look at these browsers and some stats to reflect on this list.

What are the 10 most popular browsers for Android?

This is the list of the top 10 most downloaded browsers in the world. This includes heavyweights like Chrome and Opera mini as well as pre-installed Samsung internet browser. Some browsers offer ad-free experiences some even show their ads.

Browsers like Puffin have subscription-based models and are extremely faster than others. Browsers like Ecosia even adopt an eco-friendly approach by planting trees and remaining carbon positive. Newcomers like Brave are seeing rapid growth while old-timers like Firefox are launching various versions.

BrowserDownloadsAd BlockerDark Mode
Chrome10 BillionYesYes
Samsung 1 BillionThird-partyYes
Opera Mini500 MillionYesYes
Firefox100 MillionAdd-onsYes
Phoenix 100 MillionNoYes
Brave 50 MillionYesYes
Puffin50 MillionWith SubscriptionYes
Ecosia10 MillionYesYes
Edge10 MillionYesYes
Kiwi10 MillionYesYes
Top 10 Best & Most downloaded Android browsers


Google Chrome

With more downloads than the population of the planet, Google chrome stands out in this list as the number 1 browser in terms of security and speed. Google chrome has 10 billion downloads on the Android platform only.

Users can sync their browsers across devices without any hassle.on the world’s number 1 browser. Google and Youtube generate most of their revenues from ads therefore blocking ads would mean a huge cut in the revenue. There the Chrome ad blocker setting partially blocks the ads. 

Samsung Internet Browser

The second browser in this list is a non-Google Android browser. Samsung’s default browser has tons of unique features including an ad blocker.

  • The settings page allows for third-party Adblockers to install.
  • The home page is loaded with popular sites and news links. 
  • There are custom privacy settings that give more control to the users. 
  • All the features are common in many browsers. 
  • The browser syncs with the Samsung cloud to access data and settings across the devices.

Although the Samsung browser works well on non-Samsung has as well. It would be interesting to see the number of downloads for non-Samsung devices. But it’s still a part of the top three browsers for Android or phones in general.

Opera Mini

Opera Mini is third in the list of the best and most downloaded Android browsers. Opera Mini was one of the first phone browsers. It is so old that even the Google Chrome browser was launched 2 years later The PC version of the Opera browser is older than even the Internet Explorer. 

  • Features include a dark mode and ad-blocking. 
  • Cross-device sync is enabled for account holders only.  
  • The home page by default has many popular site links and news feeds served according to the user’s location.


A hundred million download mark is a big achievement for any app. Although the PC counterpart of Firefox is more popular than the mobile version, the sync option between the two has extra benefits. 

  • The “save to collection” is a unique feature that allows the grouping of bookmarks.
  • Third-party add-ons like Adblocks remove ads from webpages to reduce data usage. 
  • Themes, toolbar, and gesture controls are customizable from the settings menu. 
  • Remote debugging via USB”: a unique feature targeted at developers.

Firefox for Android has 10 million downloads already.

Phoenix Browser

Phoenix browser from CloudView technologies is an Android browser that has many inbuilt tools and default links. Phoenix is placed at the 5th spot with more than 100 million downloads making it one of the most downloaded apps let alone a phone browser.

  • Font size to image loading is customizable. 
  • The “Explore” option provides games and other cool features. One can save the WhatsApp status of contacts.
  • Users can play games from the explore section without downloading and even play music using the browser.
  • Homepage tools like phone boost and battery saver work like any other stand-alone apps. 
  • Data sync is valuable for Phoenix account holders.

There is no Ad blocking on the Phoenix browser. Users are shown ads while on the home page. Ads get displayed for every tool or game.


The Brave is promoted as a highly secure and private browser that keeps the annoying ads away. In three years after its launch, Brave has managed 50 million downloads on Android alone. 

  • The browser lets users block ads with the Brave shield feature. 
  • Users can set a custom level of ad blockage and tracking. 
  • One unique feature is Brave sync which creates a sync chain for data sync within the Brave environment across only the added devices. 
  • Another feature, Background video playback allows videos to be played in the background. 

This is quite handy for Youtube videos as Youtube on the app doesn’t allow background playback.

Puffin Web Browser

With 50 million downloads Puffin has some unique features. 

  • An on-screen gamepad, touchpad, and mouse option. The gamepad is a great addition to any browser but the mouse is not so much. 

A Puffin 365 account is required for syncing. According to their Data saving settings page up to 90% of the bandwidth can be saved. Puffin has an ads-based revenue model. To remove the browser ads, Puffin yearly and a monthly subscription are required. Website ads can be blocked using the settings menu.

Ecosia Trees & Privacy

The list of the top 10 best & most downloaded browsers for android cannot be complete without the inclusion of Ecosia. Ecosia plants trees with the revenue generated from their search engine and browser. Not only that but they also use solar energy for their operations. They have more than 10 million downloads and according to their home page, they have planted millions of trees.

  • The browser has a dark mode as well as ad blocking to improve the user experience.

Microsoft Edge

Whether it’s or Microsoft Edge’s home page, their signature picture background gives a unique feeling once the page is opened. Although Edge is slowly gaining popularity in the PC version, the mobile version still has a long way to go.

  • With only 10 million downloads on Android devices, the Android Edge browser gives standard options like image search, voice search, and creating bookmark collections. 
  • Microsoft defender smart screen allows for safe browsing.

Kiwi Browser

Made by Geometry OU in Estonia, the Kiwi browser comes with tons of theme options for many screen types. With more than 10 million downloads, the Kiwi browser is at the 10th spot in our best and most downloaded browser list.

What is the #1/most popular browser for Android?

According to data, Google Chrome is by far the most downloaded and used phone browser. This margin increases if Safari(iOS browser) is removed from the list. Within the Android environment, Google Chrome is by far the most downloaded browser.

Phone browser market share  2021- 2022: Pie Chart
Data Source: Statcounter

This data chart shows progress in the world of phone browsers. Google Chrome started late, even after browsers like Opera Mini and Android browsers but gained popularity over the years.

Which is the fastest android browser?

After running all the browsers through Puffin and Google Chrome are at the top in every test. Puffin uses cloud-based technology, which they claim to be the reason for their high speeds. But it costs a $1 per month subscription, and the free plan includes 1 hour of daily usage with ads. While Google Chrome for Android is completely free to use.

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