Top 9 Apps For Productivity, Planning, And Sharing Ideas


Phones are evolving every year and so is the whole ecosystem around them. From cloud-based networking to auto-syncing apps the world of mobile devices is high-tech. But is it any good, can this environment and these apps help an individual improve productivity? If so, what are the best apps for productivity, and what exactly do they do?

The top 9 apps for productivity are Google Tasks, Google Keep, Evernote, Boosted, Fabulous Daily Routine Planner, Smartsheet: Teams & Projects, Notebook, Forest -Focus for Productivity, and Squid.

All these apps for productivity focus on time management and planning. May it be for work or personal life. Sharing ideas and written notes is a feature common amongst many productivity apps. These apps try to be an assistant in terms of planning, organizing and reminding.

Here are the 9 best productivity apps on the play store.

What are the best free productivity apps for android?

1. Google Tasks

Google tasks bring a minimum fuss personal management app. Once installed, users get to create a list of the tasks straight away. The UI is so simple that everything is on the home screen. Users can create lists and under them time-based tasks and subtasks. A notification pops up once the deadline is reached. A super simple yet effective time management app. This is the number one app in our list of apps for productivity.

2. Google Keep

Again simple UI productivity app that manages and creates notes. On the home screen, users can create new notes with the “+” sign. These notes can have images, recordings, and reminders. Sharing options helps these notes to circulate for collaboration and plan execution. Overall this tool can help in collaborations within teams to project and convey ideas with multimedia.

3. Evernote – Note Organizer

Evernote has more than 100 million downloads on the play store alone. This cloud-based note management and productivity app are quite popular for managing daily tasks. With improvement in the UI and more options added to the note creation process, users can now add any kind of attachments like audio, video, voice recordings, images, and even handwritten notes.

Everything syncs with the cloud so that users can access these notes on any device. Auto titles can be attached to the notes. The sharing feature lets the user go social with their notes and ideas. Overall a complete app for productivity, planning, and sharing.

4. Fabulous Daily Routine Planner

This editor’s choice app for personal management and self-care keeps things light with its colorful UI. Fabulous Daily Routine Planner curates plans for the users with an initial survey. This app rewards people for milestones and tries to create a good habit-forming process.  Once the routine is set productivity is bound to increase with this app.

5. Smartsheet: Teams & Projects

This collaboration app lets users be productive through spreadsheets of different varieties. These preloaded templates make planning and sharing easier than many other productivity apps. Spreadsheets are the best way to share data and charts, but the mobile platform is not always the best place to create and edit spreadsheets. This app tries to solve that problem.

6. Notebook – Notes, To-do, Journal

This is a free-to-use on the go notes making app. Users can create to-do lists and check their progress. This is a whole new level of note-making with tons of features and options to organize your work.

7. Forest -Focus for Productivity

Forest Focus For Productivity is a unique way to increase productivity by reducing compulsive phone usage.  This app sets timers for various activities like entertainment, study, work, etc. 

The app screen remains open while recording the time. A graphic of a growing plant is displayed on the home screen to show the progress. The health of the plant is the user’s motivation to focus on the task at hand.

8. Squid – Take Notes & Markup PDFs

If you are not for typing, but for writing your notes, then Squid is for you. Squid promotes creativity through handwritten notes and customization. This app tries to digitize your writing, may it be fresh writing on the whitepaper or marking stuff on the PDF files.

9. Boosted – Productivity & Time Tracker

Boosted accumulates time tracking data with a single click for a single task type. These insights into the accumulated monthly or weekly data on Google Calendar help users to plan better.

What apps help with productivity?

Productivity apps with a simple UI and auto-syncing features are the best for productivity. No one can be productive if they are stuck in the options menu of a planning app, it is counterproductive. Therefore, the apps that are simple to use across the devices and accumulate data for users to plan better are the best productivity apps. Apps like Google Keep, Evernote, and Notebook are prime examples of apps that help with productive output.

How do I make my android phone productive?

  • The best way to make any phone let alone Android is to get rid of excess clutter on the screen and in the phone storage. 
  • Use online cloud storage accounts that help you access data across multiple devices without the hassle and be more productive.
  • Set working hours or use an app for productivity and planning that can change the phone modes according to your schedule, this way there will be fewer distractions.
  • A productive phone allows the owner to take a break from it for a few hours to even a day or so. Many apps’ productivity features can enable users to achieve that.
  • Use Android apps from the play store like StayFree to track your phone usage and the apps with high time consumption. Try to get rid of these apps if you deem it necessary.

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