What does OP mean in the gaming culture?


The world of multiplayer gaming is fast-moving and extremely competitive. Sometimes a single word of tactical jargon proves too long. Therefore in the multiplayer gaming culture, new acronyms keep rising every day. OP is one such acronym. But what does OP exactly mean in gaming?

OP means OVERPOWERED or extraordinary performance in gameplay. Used mostly in online streaming or multiplayer gaming, OP is a player or an entity in the gaming universe, superior or powerful to others. 

An OP in Valorant can be a player who shows extraordinary skills in getting the kills. An OP in Among Us can be a player who is too hard to expose. An OP in COD can be a player who keeps on taking chicken dinner one after another.

What is the meaning of OP in gaming?

Some players show extraordinary skills in gameplay. These players often get called “OP” by their peers. 

Overpowering any multiplayer game is not an easy feat. Pro players spend hours practicing and grinding to improve their skills.                 

These players show extraordinary capabilities while playing the game. OP players often find themselves in competitive tournaments, competing for the ultimate glory, to become the OP amongst the OPs.

There are many genres of multiplayer gaming in the competitive arena. These genres might be action, RPG, strategy, sports, or board games. 

Each genre requires a specific skill set to become an OP. In shooting multiplayer games, any player with fast reflexes and maneuverability can be an OP.

What does OP mean in the gamer talk?

The word OP denotes a performance or a player above the level of others. In today’s gaming world of online streaming and Esports, the word OP gets used for praising a performance. 

Have you seen a player kill several others with only a wooden sword in Minecraft? 

That is an OP performance!

Here are a few other abbreviations that are being used in shooting games.

Gaming AbbreviationsFull form
OPOverpowered/Original Poster
GGGood Game
MollyMolotov Cocktail
AFKAway from the keyboard
KDKill to Death Ratio
FPSFirst-person shooter/Frames per second
Table 1:- Gaming abbreviations

What does OP mean in Valorant?

Valorant is similar to counterstrike in many ways. The only distinction comes from the number of characters and their unique abilities. 

Players can choose any of these agents based on their unique abilities. Some players do well in Varorant irrespective of the character that they select.

These players are the designated OPs of Valorant.

Did you single-handedly save your team from a whitewash in VALORANT? 


What does OP mean in Among Us?

Gamers who indulge in the world of investigation in Among Us know how hard it is to maintain a winning streak. Players with extraordinary ability to keep winning with the co-players are OP in Among Us.

What does OP mean in Minecraft and Call of Duty?

Minecraft has different weapons on many levels. All these weapons deal damage according to their level. An OP in Minecraft comes out winning in every battle irrespective of the level of the sword in hand.

Minecraft’s creative mode is full of possibilities in a world of its own. Players create impressive artworks, structures, and many more to be called OP builders. These creative works are OP as they blow the internet through various social platforms.

What does OP mean in the Urban dictionary?

The word game did not originate with video games. It was present long before video games and meant a physical activity involving various players. The process involved coordination between players for a single goal in the competition. 

The coordination required verbal talk to motivate and compliment a valiant effort. 

The Urban Dictionary gives the word OP two meanings.

Original Poster

Every online public forum is a vortex of comments and opinions. But where does this vortex originate? Every online forum or social media post starts with one primary user account. This primary user or the pioneer in the OP or the Original Poster.


As discussed above, an extraordinary player is an OP in the gaming culture.

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