What Is The Best Way To Reset Any Digital Scale?


Digital scales or smart scales are becoming a part of the fitness cult. They are essential in keeping the track of weight for a better understanding of one’s weight loss journey. But sometimes these digital scales need to be reset for many reasons. What exactly involves resetting the digital scales and how to do it?

The best way to reset any digital scale is to turn it off by removing the batteries or power supply. But there are plenty of variations and types of digital scales in the market and have different ways to reset them. 

Some of these are smart scales, digital scales for the kitchen, digital scales for heavy objects, digital scales for the bathroom, and digital scales for extremely light objects like the ones used in chemistry labs. The commonly asked question about these digital scales is: how to reset and calibrate them? 

Types of digital scales and how to reset them?

A health-conscious approach to lifestyle is motivating the purchase of techs like digital scales for kitchens or bathrooms. Not only do these scales help in monitoring fat loss and weight gain but their smarter version keeps track of the measurements. The third application of digital scales is the measurement of heavy loads in the small-scale or packaging industries.

Digital ScaleWeight Measurement
Kitchen/Food/Baking0.003 oz to 33 lb(0.1g to 15kg)
Bodyweight/Bathroom/BMI11 lb to 400 lb(5 Kg to 180 Kg)
Industrial/Platform/Shipping4.4 lb to 600 lb(2 Kg to 300 kg)
Digital Scale types and range

All the digital scales have a fixed range of weight measurement from a few ounces to hundreds of pounds. These digital scales use sensors for measurement to extreme precision. To ensure the correct measurement every time, digital scales need to be reset or calibrated frequently.

How to reset a digital weight scale?

Industrial scales or digital scales for the packages should show zero before every measurement. Look for a button with a power sign or zero written on it to reset the scale to zero and place the weight on it. Many manufacturers have a default setting of reset after the weight is placed on top of the scale for a few minutes.

Before pressing the ZERO/TARE/RESET/POWER button on the scale make sure the top surface is bare

How to reset a digital bathroom scale?

Bathroom scales or weight measuring scales are used to measure body weight. The latest models of digital weight scales have smartphone connectivity. These scales store historical measurement data and transmit them to your phone via wifi or Bluetooth.

To reset these scales press the center of the scale with your foot and wait for zero to appear. If this does not reset the scale then remove the batteries and wait for a few minutes and repeat the first step. Resetting a digital scale is important for accurate measurements every time.

How to reset a digital kitchen scale?

Use the Zero or On/Off button to reset the kitchen scale to zero. If this does not help then remove the batteries and wait for a few seconds and place the batteries back again and try to turn it on. The display should show zero.

Use the tare button to neglect the weight of the container or the dead weight. Place the empty container and press the Tare button. The scale will show zero on the display. Put the material in the container. The weight displayed on the LCD will be the weight of the food material only.  

How to calibrate a digital scale?

Use calibration weights to accurately calibrate any digital scale. Spot the Calibration/Mode button on the scale and keep the calibration weights at the center of the scale while in calibration mode. If the weight displayed is correct then the scale is calibrated. Else increase or decrease the weight according to error. Once done the digital scale will be ready to display the correct weight after this fresh calibration.

Some digital scales will show the weight to be put on the top when in calibration mode. If the correct weight is placed and there are no measurement errors then the scale is calibrated. This process can be done with 2 to 3 different calibration weights.

The choice of weights for calibration depends on the weight measurement range of the scale. If the scale is not calibrated there might be a slight deviation which might not be visible for lightweights. Therefore calibration should be performed with the lightest and the heaviest weights.

You can calibrate the kitchen/food digital scale using coins without any calibration weights. Check the weight chart of various coins in the USA and use them to calibrate your digital scale. 

Make sure that the surface is flat for calibration. A tilted or rough surface can shift the center of gravity resulting in inaccuracies.

Can we factory reset a smart scale?

Yes, digital smart scales come with the feature of factory reset. Users can factory reset the scale using their smartphone to wipe all the data and settings of the scale. These smart scales have branded apps using which the factory reset is performed.

Reset Smart_digital-scale
Smart Digital scales pair wirelessly with the smartphones

The factory reset should be the last resort if the scale is not functioning properly. Most of the apps will allow users to download or back up the data before the reset. 

If a factory reset doesn’t resolve the issue then users can update the firmware through the paired app and contact customer support. 

What button resets the digital scale to zero?

Depending on the brand and type of digital scale resetting process is different.  Either a reset or a zero button is used to reset the scale or batteries are removed. Some scales have the Tare button that allows the users to perform the next measurement starting the scale at zero.

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