What Is The Strange Meteor Core In The Cycle Frontier?


As part of the Cataclysm event at the end of season one, the developers made the gameplay by introducing new materials and environmental conditions. Part of the event was the Strange meteor core. But what is this material and how to get it? What’s it used for?

The strange meteor core is legendary material in The Cycle Frontier game. This is a crafting material that can be used to craft legendary weapons and exotic armor as well. 

The Cycle Frontier is a Yager-developed looter and shooter game that was released in 2022.

The game contains PVP and PVE action along with the possibility to craft various materials after looting the base planet Fortuna III.

What is the Strange meteor core used for?

Strange metro cores 5 in number can be used to craft exotic armor and 10 meteor cores can be used to craft an NV Helmet. All these things in the majority of season one required a lot more material. To make the game fun and interesting for the ending part of season 1 Cataclysm event introduced the strange meteor core.

More about the Cataclysm event

According to the official developer page of The Cycle Frontier, the Cataclysm event introduced New Alien Meteor Shards. The shards can be found in the meteor core from the meteor shower which is much more frequent in the Cataclysmevent. Accessibility and crafting ability made it easy for gamers to craft and get high-level material.

“Better loot for monsters, including an increased drop rate for heads.

Largely increased spawn rate of rare mineral nodes.

Storms are not constant, but they are much more frequent and the days are shorter.

The K-Mark cost of all weapons has been dramatically reduced.’

How to get the strange metro core?

Strange meteor cores or the Tharis Iron in season second can be found on Tharis Island the third quest-locked Fortuna III map. In the Cataclysm event, meteor showers are more frequent and can be easily found. There are possibilities of finding a regular core or a Strange meteor core. Anyone can mine the meteoric cores for strange meteor shards.

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