Where Did The Zombie Mode On Call Of Duty Mobile Go?


With games like Call Of Duty Modern Warfare and Vanguard, this iconic title’s developers and distributors keep expanding their gaming community.  It doesn’t stop there, COD multiplayer is also available for mobile devices. All these games have tons of variations and extra features. COD mobile in particular had a zombie mode called Undead Siege. But, is it still available how to play it?

COD mobile is in its 5th season called the Tropical Vision and there is no zombie mode in this game. The upcoming Season 6: To The Skies also doesn’t feature any zombie mode. Unfortunately in the near future as well there are no plans to revive the Call Of Duty zombie mode.

Call Of Duty as a brand has millions of gamers globally. Various online-offline modes and seasonal updates contribute to these features. One such game mode is the Zombie mode in Call Of Duty on many versions.

Call Of Duty GameZombie mode
COD VanguardVanguard Zombies
Black Ops Cold WarCold War Zombies
Call Of Duty MobileDiscontinued
Zombie modes across COD games

Can you still play Zombies on COD mobile?

The Call Of Duty Zombie mode was called Undead Siege and it’s no longer available. This Zombie slaying mode saw its end with Season 11. Earlier the developers planned to remove this mode way before season 11 but decided to continue.

Why can’t I find Zombies on COD mobile?

The Zombie mode was available in a “Special Events” section called “Featured.” Under Featured, Undead Siege was the Zombie mode. 

According to this post from TechRadar, the Zombie mode failed to meet the developer’s expectations. In simple terms, the engagement expected was not attained and the effort weighed in more than the benefits. 

Although there is no zombie mode, Call Of Duty Mobile still remains one of the most played games on mobile. There are other awesome modes and map options that players can choose from. For example in the featured section Apocalypse mode with a small map and quick gameplay is available.

How do you download Call of Duty Zombies mobile?

Check the detailed guide on How to Install Call of Duty On Mobile. After installation, anyone can play multiplayer and ranked arena matches. The competitive aspect of the game lets players enter various official tournaments and earn prizes.

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